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Homemade Specialties


Too Much to Choose From


  • Merguez Wrap
    $ 8.75

    Beef, lamb, lactose free cheddar, peppers, homemade hot sauce

  • Salmon Gravlax with Lemon

    Lemon confit, capers, red pepper puree, mayonnaise

  • Grilled Quinoa Wrap

    Millet, vegetables, eggs, garlic, herbes de provence, lettuce, red pepper puree, mayonnaise

  • Our Bowls

    Soup of the day (large format)

  • Coffees
    $2.50 +

  • Salads

    Kale Salad (1L)- one, two or three choices

  • Specialties

    Hot Sauce (250 ml jar)

  • Scones

    Buttermilk / Cranberry & orange / Whole wheat & maple

  • Gluten free Squares

    Pecan, chocolate, maple

  • Cinnamon Brioche

    Cinnamon and raisin

Always Homemade


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pulp & press
coffee, tea & more

Since 2001


Café Marmelade is located in the heart of the vibrant Pointe-Claire Village since 2001. Café Marmelade is all handcrafted in house from our whole-wheat ground flax bread to our delectable buttermilk and maple scones. We have a variety of sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, smoothies, baked goods and of course, coffee. There are wonderful vegetarian, vegan, meat lovers and gluten-free options that will surely satisfy all your taste buds. We value:


We are committed to giving back to our community.

promoting & partnering

Since 2014, we have supported the On Rock Community Services food bank, AMCAL family services, West Island Community Shares and numerous other fundraising events for schools and non-profits.


We believe in the goodness of real, wholesome food.

Natural ingredients only

Everything on our menu is made from scratch including our bread. We take pride in the quality of our products and love sharing our passion for homemade delicious food with you.


We compost daily because we care about the environment.

Conscious Packaging

Did you know that we compost over 10 tons of kitchen waste per year? That is a lot of waste that we keep out of landfills. All our take away containers, bags, utensils are all compostable or recyclable.

Phil & Ellie

In 2014 Phil & Ellie acquired Café Marmelade.  Their passion and labour of love is clearly apparent.  

Phil attended ITHQ (Institut de tourisme et d’hôtellerie du Québec) and Cordon Bleu cooking school and has since worked in many professional kitchens such as: La Louisiane, Royal Montreal Golf Club, private chef.  

Ellie attended École Hôtelière des Laurentides and is also a professional chef having worked at La Lousiane, Monkland Taverne, L’eau à la bouche 


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320 Ch. Bord-du-lac Pointe-Claire Qc H9S 4L5